AIHRC urges UN to assign committee for probing crimes against civilians

AIHRC: violation of human rights in Afghanistan is intolerable

Issuing a statement in response to the killing of a medical doctor and three young coalminers in Samangan and Bamyan provinces, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) said on Saturday that these killings show “human rights violations are spreading under the rule of the Taliban”.

Local sources told KabulNow that the medical doctor identified as Najmuddin Suhrabi, who was working at the 30-bed hospital of Dara Souf-e-Bala district of Samangan, was killed by unknown gunmen over night on 24 February in his home.

He had previously served as head of the hospital as well.

“The AIHRC finds the grave situation of human rights violations in the country intolerable. This killing is the criterion for the heinous human rights violations of the country’s innocent citizens suffering from poverty, hunger, and insecurity,” the AIHRC which is now operating in exile underlined.

The Afghan human rights organization called on international and national human rights observers to help Afghans curb the human rights violations in Afghanistan, warning the Taliban that the group’s black cases of human rights violation will become darker, if it does not stop such crimes in the country.

This comes as the UN Special Rapporteur, Richard Bennet, has said in his second report on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan that the human rights crisis in has worsened in the country.