Germany: Prioritising women’s rights in Afghanistan more important than ever

With the Taliban having removed most of the rights women and girls had gained before the group’s return to power, the German embassy for Afghanistan has reiterated the need to prioritise women and girls’ rights in Afghanistan.

“Yesterday, German Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena Abaerbock presented feminist foreign policy guidelines mainstreaming women’s rights in international affairs. Given recent events, prioritizing women’s rights in Afghanistan is more important than ever,” the embassy said on Thursday.

The statement came after German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock presented guidelines for a feminist foreign policy to the country’s government cabinet. These guidelines include goals to promote women’s rights and encourage their presence in political and administrative structures, including foreign affairs offices.

The German foreign minister recently stated that the EU would be imposing further sanctions on the Taliban.

The Taliban banned girls from studying beyond primary schools, barred women from universities, and curtailed their rights to work. The group has also imposed other restrictions, including requiring women to be accompanied by a mahram (a male relative) when traveling.