Natural disasters kill 13 people across Afghanistan

Natural disasters kill 13 people and destroy over 100 houses in Afghanistan

Natural disasters, including heavy recent rainfalls and floodings, have killed as many as 13 people and destroyed more than 114 houses across five provinces in Afghanistan over the last 10 days, the Taliban’s disasters management office confirmed.

Spokesperson for the Taliban’s National Disaster Management Authority, Shafiullah Rahimi told KabulNow on Thursday that the recent natural disasters have further destroyed more than 2,700 acres of farmlands.

According to Rahimi, since spring, earthquake, rain and flooding have killed 13 people and left 72 others wounded.

The Taliban-run Authority also reported that 53,000 families have been distributed food, non-food, in-cash assistances over the past month by national and international organizations.

In spring and summer seasons, Afghanistan, particularly its northern part, often see immediate and heavy rainfalls which usually lead to floodings.

The most recent deadliest one happened in August 2020 which hit Parwan province killing around 100 people and destroying nearly 500 houses.

Last year, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit Afghanistan’s eastern provinces which killed more than 1,000 people and damaged a large number of residential houses in June. Since the beginning of this spring, several provinces have been facing devastating floodings. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), more than 700 families have been affected by these natural disasters.

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