Photo: Hussein Malla/AP Photo

UNICEF: Afghanistan’s health care system is under pressure, but it has not collapsed

UNICEF says, despite pressures, Afghanistan’s health care system hasn’t collapsed because of support from aid agencies and the World Bank. 

“Afghanistan’s health system is under duress, but thanks to partnerships of the World Bank South Asia, the Vaccine Alliance, the Asian Development Bank, and the Global Financing Facility it hasn’t collapsed,” UNICEF said on Monday. 

“The public health system was used more in 2022 than in 2019,” UNICEF added. 

The UN said on 16 February that 17.6 million people in Afghanistan need health assistance.

The Afghan economy collapsed following the US withdrawal and the Taliban’s return to power in August 2021, which has pushed the country into a humanitarian crisis. To make matters worse, the recent ban on women aid workers by the Taliban has forced many humanitarian aid organisations to suspend their operations across the country, further exacerbating the situation.