Taliban: Sunday night raid killed 2 ISKP members in Kabul

The Taliban has claimed that in a raid on Sunday night in Kabul, its security forces killed two ISKP members and captured one alive.

Senior Taliban spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, claimed in a statement on Twitter that the group’s security forces had conducted an operation on an ISKP hideout in the Khair Khana neigbourhood of Kabul, killing two and capturing one alive as well as seizing weapons and ammunitions.

ISKP members, the Taliban spokesperson said, had “destructive plans”.

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Residents in Khair Khana reported powerful blasts and gunfire on Sunday night,.

While the ISKP has reportedly amassed thousands of fighters in Afghanistan since the Taliban’s return to power and and conducted deadly attacks in Kabul and elsewhere in the country, some critics accuse the Taliban of falsely labeling their political opponents and former Afghan security forces as ISKP members to suppress them.