Ustad Mashal giving away his books
Killid Group

Taliban arrests university lecturer who tore up his diploma live on TV

The Taliban security agents arrested Ismail Mashal, known as Ustad Mashal, in Kabul yesterday for “provocative actions against the state” and “gathering a large crowd on the road.”

Ismail Mashal has, in recent days, been pushing a cart, loaded with books, around the city in Kabul and giving them away for free.

The UN Special Rapporteur for Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, has called for the ““immediate and unconditional” release of Mr Mashal.

Mr Bennett also called on the Taliban to lift restrictions on women and girls, stating that “education for all without discrimination is not a privilege but a right.” The Taliban Mr Bennett added had “obligations to protect & promote this right, including lifting #BanOnGirlsEducation & opening up space for peaceful civil activities.”