Photo: Taliban GDI

Taliban arrests two men for “propagating” on Facebook

The Taliban’s intelligence agency has detained two men on charges of “propagating” against the group on Facebook. The two men appeared in a video in which they confessed to spreading anti-Taliban messages and posting “immoral” content on their Facebook pages and accounts.

The Taliban has accused Emran Ahmadzai and Saadullah Didan of encouraging people against the group’s government.

In the video, published by the Taliban’s General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) the men are shown expressing regret for their actions.

The Taliban has previously arrested people for social media posts, as part of its larger crackdown on the media.

In March of 2022, the Taliban arrested Khalid Qaderi, a journalist from the western Herat province, for his critical Facebook post about the group. He was detained for 10 months and released in January of 2023.