Afghan journalist in Pakistan put kidney up for sale
Photo: Sami Jahesh via Facebook

Afghan journalist in Pakistan put his kidney up for sale

Destitute and stuck in Pakistan awaiting for his resettlement application to a Western country to be processed, Afghan journalist, Sami Jahesh, has put up one of his kidneys for sale.

“I have run out of money. We have nothing to eat at home. I have no choice to sell a kidney. If you anyone wants to buy, they can contact me,” Sami Jahesh tweeted on Tuesday.

Jahesh worked for Ariana News before the Taliban’s return to power. According to his friends, who are organising a fundraiser for him, he was beaten up by the Taliban in Afghanistan before he fled the country.

Hundreds of Afghan journalists and those working in the country’s once vibrant media organisations fled Afghanistan. Some have been resettled in the West. But many are waiting in Pakistan to have their applications processed. Last month, they held a rally in Islamabad calling on countries and organisations to provide them with financial assistance and to expedite their resettlement case.