UN: $215.2 million needed to support education in Afghanistan

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Afghanistan (UNOCHA) has said that a total of $215.2 million is needed to support education, including for girls, in Afghanistan this year.

According to OCHA in Afghanistan, 8.7 million Afghans require education support, but the UN has prioritized providing education support programs to 3.1 million people in 2023. This funding will be allocated towards community-based education, provision of learning materials and school supplies, recruitment and training of teachers, as well as distance learning initiatives.

After regaining power in August 2021, the Taliban quickly implemented a ban on girls attending secondary schools. In December 2022, the group issued a similar ban for women attending universities, citing the need to prevent gender mixing as the reason for the prohibition.

Despite widespread international calls for the Taliban to reverse their bans on women’s education and work, the group’s leadership has remained steadfast in their position and continues to impose restrictions on women and girls.