Taliban is seeking diplomatic presence in India

According to reports in India, the Taliban is trying to convince the Indian government to accept the group’s diplomatic envoy in the country. 

India closed its embassy after the Taliban recaptured power in August 2021, but partially re-opened it June 2022, by sending a “technical team” to Kabul after a visit from Deepak Mittal, joint secretary of Indian Ministry of External Affairs.  

The Indian government, according to reports, has been considering reopening its consulate in Kandahar. 

Although not recognised by any countries, Afghanistan’s neighbours have been actively engaged with the Taliban leaders with full diplomatic presence. 

China recently signed a $540 million dollars dead with the Taliban to extract oil from northern Afghanistan’s Amu Darya basin. Pakistan recalled its ambassador in early December last year after an ISKP claimed attack on its embassy. And Iran has recently appointed its former special envoy, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, as the new ambassador, replacing Bahador Aminian. Qomi has said his country will continue to cooperate with the Taliban despite non-recognition.