UNSG Urges Taliban to Stop Attacks Against Neighboring Countries

Responding to a question in a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York on Sunday, Dec 19, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres has urged the Taliban authorities to stop attacks by terrorist organizations against Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, including against Pakistan.

“And there is another clear ask from the international community, which is for Afghanistan to stop all forms of activity of terrorist organizations that from Afghanistan represent a threat to neighboring countries, including Pakistan,” the UNSG said when he was asked about increased attacks by the Tahrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP) on Pakistan from Afghanistan.

He added that the UN is “actively engaged in our discussion with the Taliban de facto authorities” in relation to increased threats by terrorist organizations from Afghanistan against the neighboring countries.

The UNSG further went on to ask Taliban act in according to the interests of Afghanistan itself and those of the international community for forming an inclusive government and ensuring women’s rights.

“One thing that they must deliver in relation to the inclusion in the power structures in Afghanistan.  We have different ethnic groups, and it’s important that all ethnic groups are represented,” he noted.

He also urged the Taliban regime to ensure human rights, asserting that the right of women to work and the right of girls to attend school at all levels should be ensured.

Though the international community and foreign countries have taken almost a united stance for ensuring human rights and the formation of an inclusive government, the Taliban have taken a defensive stance against it.