Ministry of urban dev

Taliban Appoint a Shia-Hazara as Deputy Minister

The Taliban announced that they have appointed Sheikh Madar Ali Karimi Bamyani, a Shia-Hazara, as the deputy minister in the Ministry of Urban Development and Land (Housing). In a ceremony on Thursday, December 1, the Taliban officially introduced Bamyani as the deputy minister.

Taliban-controlled Bakhtar News Agency wrote that Bamyani, during the ceremony held on the first day of his work, made a commitment that, observing all Sharia principles, he would work equally for all the people of Afghanistan.

Sheikh Madar Ali Karimi Bamyani is the third Hazara-Shia appointed as the deputy minister in the Taliban government.

Previously, the Taliban appointed Abdul Latif Nazari as deputy minister of the Ministry of Economy and Hassan Ghiasi as deputy minister of the Ministry of Public Health.

The Taliban appointed Sheikh Madar Ali Karimi Bamyani to a position that the group had considered months ago for Mawlawi Mahdi, one of their Hazara commanders, but he [Mawlawi Mahdi] did not accept this offer.

The Taliban carried out heavy attacks on Mawlawi Mehdi while he was travelling to his hometown, Balkhab district in northern Sar-e Pol province.

The Taliban finally arrested and killed Mawlawi Mehdi on the border between Iran and Afghanistan. After more than a year, as of yet, no country has officially recognized the Taliban government. The international community has asked the de facto authorities in Afghanistan to form a government with the presence of all ethnic groups to gain official recognition from other countries. In addition, the government needs to have respect for human rights, women’s rights, and respect for freedom of speech, and individual freedoms.