Street Vendor Dies after Severely Tortured by a Taliban Member in Faryab

Sources from Maimana city, the capital city of northern Faryab province report to Kabul Now that a street vendor died after he was severely tortured by a Taliban member in this city.

The source identified this man as Mohammad Zahir, who was a street vendor in Pakhl Bazar of Maimana city, Faryab province.

According to the source, on Friday, December 16, when Mohammad Zahir was passing through the gate of the Taliban’s base belonging to border forces in Maimana city. His [Mohammad Zahir] wheelbarrow’s handle touched a Taliban member’s motorbike. That is when this Taliban member stopped and severely hit him with his handheld gun.

This Taliban member is reportedly the brother of the chief of this unit of Taliban forces.  

According to the source, Mohammad Zaher was taken to the hospital but died as he experienced a hemorrhagic stroke (brain bleeding).

Sources add that Mohammad Zahir was a common street vendor and daily-wage earner and made a living through selling on the streets. He left behind seven children who are in a poor economic situation.

The Taliban spokesman for the police chief in Faryab did not respond to the messages of Kabul Now’s reporter in this regard.