Photo: twitter/FazalManawi

Hamid Karzai Meets Fazal Ahmad Manawi in ​​Germany

Former President Hamid Karzai met former Justice Minister Fazal Ahmad Manawi, who is known to be a huge critic of the Taliban government and a senior member of the anti-Taliban National Resistance Front (NRF).

In a tweet published today morning, December 17,  Fazal Ahmad Manawi appreciated Karzai’s strong stances, in particular, standing for girls’ education.

Manawi wrote, “Although living in the suffocating atmosphere of Kabul, his [Karzai’s] stances for girls’ education, honouring the national hero and other personalities, striving to prevent oppression and violence are all appreciable.”

President Karzai, who was banned from travelling outside the country after the fall of the government into the hands of the Taliban, has recently managed to leave Afghanistan.

He is currently in Germany.

The purpose of Karzai’s visit to Germany has not been detailed.