clash between Taliban and Pakistani forces

Clash Erupts Between Taliban, Pakistani Forces at Spinboldak Border Crossing

Local sources in the southern Kandahar province confirmed that an armed clash has erupted between the Taliban and Pakistani forces at the Spinboldak-Chaman border crossing which caused a temporary closure of the major border crossing.

The clash erupted on Sunday, December 11, at noon and has not ended as yet, according to local sources.

A source told Kabul Now that the clash erupted after the Taliban fighters started to build a new security outpost close to the Durand Line – separating Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Spinboldak-Chaman gate was closed for 30 minutes but was reopened, the source added.

Several sources confirmed that the two sides continue to clash in Mazal Gali, Kaftan Qala, and Shirwaba areas.

Meanwhile, a Taliban security source while speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed to Kabul Now that the group has deployed fresh troops at the border.

In the latest case, the two sides clashed last month which resulted in the closure of the major border crossing for a week.