Taliban Arrest 5 People, 2 Former Soldiers Included

The Taliban continue to arrest civilians and former soldiers and this time, local sources report that the Taliban arrested 5 people including two former soldiers in northern Kapisa province. Similar case was reported on Tuesday November 15 in the Hesse Awali — first district — Kohistan district of this province on charges of “cooperation with the National Resistance Front (NRF)”.

A local source in Kapisa told Kabul Now that these five people, mainly residents of Jamal Agha, Hesse-do — second district — Kohistan district were arrested last night Thursday November 17.

The source identified the detainees as Tamim, Ahmadzai, Ahmad Reshad, Lal Aqa and Fayaz and the reason they were arrested is still unclear. Currently, there is no information about the detainees’ whereabouts and conditions.

The source clarified that Tamim and Ahmadzai are former soldiers of the previous government, who are now ordinary citizens.

The arrested people did not have any military-political activities against the Taliban, the local source added.

The Taliban security force in Kapisa did not respond to our reporter’s question about the arrest of these people.

In a newsletter published on the Twitter page of Taliban security force in Kapisa announced that 16 people have been arrested on the charges of committing criminal crimes.