12 NRF members

Sources: Taliban Execute 12 NRF Members in Badakhshan

The Taliban have executed 12 members of the National Resistance Front (NRF) in the Raghistan district of the northeastern Badakhshan province after their arrest, according to sources in the province. The executed NRF members include a 14-year-old child.

A source identified the 14-year-old child as Helaluddin son of Jalaluddin Khurasani.

As per accounts of these sources, the Taliban shot dead these NRF fighters last Thursday, October 27, in Raghistan district.

The Taliban had arrested a group of 17 NRF fighters in Chussnakil area of Khwahan district after killing their commanders, Jalaluddin Khurasani and Abdulbasir, a source detailed. According to the source, later the NRF fighters had been taken to the Raghistan district.

In Raghistan, the source added, the Taliban divided these NRF prisoners into two separate groups. The Taliban shot dead and mutilated 12 of them and transferred the remaining five fighters to Faizabad, the capital city of Badakhshan province.

Another source said that the Taliban have thrown the dead bodies of these NRF fighters deep in a well at a dated gold deposit.

Though a week has passed since the mass killing of these fighters, the Taliban have not permitted relatives of these fighters to take out their bodies from the well and bury them.

The Taliban’s district governor for Khwahan district, Mawlawi Ziauddin, confirmed the death of 10 NRF fighters.

Admitting that the group’s forces threw their bodies inside the well, he said it is not clear how the NRF fighters were killed.

Taliban have been repeatedly accused of war crimes and executing NRF prisoners in Panjshir and Badakhshan provinces.