A Young Boy Commits Suicide in Faryab

Sources in the city of Maimana, the center of Faryab, in northern Afghanistan, reported that a 22-year-old boy in this province committed suicide by hanging himself and ended his life.

The sources identified this young man as Ehsanullah, and he committed suicide in his bedroom this morning Saturday November 19, in Deh Saidan village in the sixth district of Maimana city, Faryab province.

Shamsullah Mohammadi, Head of Information and Culture of the Taliban in Faryab province, quoting the family of this young man, called the reason for his suicide mental disorder.

Recently, many suicide cases have been reported in Faryab province. A few days ago, a young girl hanged herself in Khan-Chahar-Bagh district of Faryab and ended her life.