Badghis Cultural Heritage

Taliban: Over 7,000 Tourists Visited Badghis’ Cultural Heritage

Badghis province, located northwest of Afghanistan, has attracted more than 7,000 foreign and local tourists to visit its cultural heritage. The province is home to around 60 historic sites and tourist attractions.

According to Abdul Awal Habibi, the Taliban’s director of the Information and Culture Department in Badghis, this region is rich in historical landmarks and tourist destinations to attract foreign and local visitors.

According to Abdul Awal Habibi, pistachio forests, Kotal-e Sabzak, Aab Poda of Jawand district, the historical fort of Nariman, historical forts and river of Bala-Murghab district, and some other sites are among the destinations that receive more attention from foreign and domestic tourists.

The local Taliban official asserts that preserving security is the main factor that can drive foreign and domestic tourists to this province.

In the meantime, civil rights activists share their concerns about the condition of these monuments and emphasize on reconstructing them. They consider building ring roads, having tourism and transportation agencies and building modern hotels for the growth of tourism in Badghis province.

Tourism currently generates significant revenue on a worldwide scale and contributes to global economic growth, according to these civil rights activists.