Taliban disperse women protest

Taliban Disperse Women Protest Rally in Kabul

Members of the “Afghanistan’s Powerful Women” activist group tell Kabul Now that the Taliban have dispersed their protest rally in Kabul. The rally was organized to be held today in downtown Shahr-e-Naw.

The women protesters were asked to display their educational documents at the rally. But the Taliban, as the activist group claims, dispersed them and tore apart their educational documents.

A woman said that the Taliban’s head of the police district threatened the protesters and wanted to open fire to disperse the protesters. The women protesters say they wanted to raise their voices to the world in the protest.

She complains that the international community and women’s rights organizations do not pay attention to women’s rights in Afghanistan.

The women protesters, however, reiterated that they would continue to protest and fight until they expanded their rights.

Since their return to power on August 2021, the Taliban have imposed severe restrictions on women in Afghanistan. The group has removed many women from governmental posts and closed schools for girls above the 6th grade.