Source: Six Taliban Fighters Killed in ‘NRF Attack’

As many as six Taliban forces were killed and three members of the group were wounded in an attack conducted by fighters of “the National Resistance Front (NRF)”, in Khost district of the northern Baghlan province, a source confirmed to Kabul Now.

The NRF fighters attacked a Taliban security outpost on Sunday night, October 23, in Farghanbal area of Khost district, the source detailed.

The clashes, as per the account of the source, lasted for three hours between the two sides and the NRF fighters seized four Kalashnikov rifles.

Taliban officials in Baghlan have yet to comment regarding this claim.

The NRF which is a militia formed of former security forces under the leadership of Ahmad Masoud, son of the jihadi commander, Ahmad Shah Masoud. As yet, it has effectively expanded its areas of operations against the ruling Taliban from Panjshir and Baghlan to Takhar and Badakhshan provinces.