ICRC: Humanitarian Needs in Afghanistan Increasing Every Day

The humanitarian needs of Afghans are increasing day after day, says the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Millions of people, including widows and orphaned children, have been forced to come out on the streets and struggle to find food, the ICRC said in a short video published on Monday, October 17.

There is a man in this video who says that he never eats all three meals. He adds that he works the whole day and makes only 100 Afghanis (1.1 USD).

In the video published by the ICRC, another man says that if he doesn’t receive assistance, he may lose his family members to starvation.

The international community must help Afghanistan deal with this growing humanitarian crisis, says ICRC.

Afghanistan has faced a humanitarian crisis after the Taliban returned to power.

Nearly 23 million people in Afghanistan—over half the population—are facing hunger in 2022, including 8.7 million who are one step away from famine-like conditions, according to EU Humanitarian Funding that supports the WFP to provide emergency food and nutrition assistance to some of Afghanistan’s most vulnerable families.