Eight prisoners of war

Eight Prisoners of War Shot Dead by Taliban in Badakhshan

The Taliban have shot dead eight members of the National Resistance Front (NRF) after holding them captive in the northeastern Badakhshan province, sources confirmed to Kabul Now. The executed fighters include an NRF commander named Abdul Hamid Mujahid.

These fighters were captured after they ran out of munition in a fight against the Taliban last Friday, October 21, in Tangshewi area of Badakhsan’s Maimay district.

According to sources, the Taliban also used helicopters in this battle against the NRF fighters.

Abul Hamid Mujahdi was a former Taliban commander who had joined the NRF recently along with tens of his fighters.

The Taliban have executed these prisoners of war after receiving the order from the group’s governor for Badakhshan, Mawlawi Amanuddin Mansour, a source confirmed. 12 Taliban forces were killed and more than eight members of the group were wounded during yesterday’s fight, the source added.

Fighting has dramatically intensified between the Taliban and the NRF fighters over the past few months in Panjshir, Baghlan, Takhar, and Badakshan provinces.

The ruling Taliban reportedly use foreign fighters as well to suppress the NRF members in these provinces.