176 school buildings destroyed across Afghanistan

176 school buildings destroyed across Afghanistan

During the clashes between the Taliban and Afghan security forces, as many as 176 school buildings have completely or partially been destroyed across the country, said an education authority on Monday, August 02 at a press conference held in the capital Kabul.  

Ataullah Wahedyar, deputy minister of education, said education sector is a non-political entity, stressing that schools should not be used as shields.

The Afghan government has agreed to the Convention on Safety of Schools under which the government is committed not to use any school as a military base and defense shield during the war.

Wahedyar said the Afghan security sector has repeatedly emphasized the safety of schools, and the National Security Council has instructed the armed forces to prevent the destruction of schools.

He called on the Taliban to avoid the destruction of education centers.

This comes while the Afghan government has repeatedly accused the Taliban of destroying residential areas and public facilities that include schools and mosques using them as shields. The Taliban, on the other hand, have accused government forces of building barricades in residential areas and using schools as shields.

Private and state-run schools are temporarily closed as violence intensifies in Herat city and Injil and Guzara districts of Herat province, the Military Coordination Council announced.