Taliban delegation meet Chinese officials in Beijing

Taliban delegation meet Chinese officials in Beijing

A high-ranking Taliban delegation led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the group’s deputy leader, is on a two-day visit to China. The Chinese government has invited the delegation to expresses its concerns regarding situation in Afghanistan, according to the Afghan foreign ministry.

Mohammad Naeem, a spokesman for the Taliban, said in a tweet today, July 28, the nine-member delegation traveled to China on Tuesday, July 27, upon the official invitation of that country.

Mullah Baradar and his accompanying delegation met separately with Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister, Deputy Foreign Minister and China’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, he detailed.

According to Naeem, the two sides discussed political, economic and security issues, the current situation in Afghanistan, and the Afghan peace process.

He wrote that the Taliban has assured Chinese government that the Afghan territory will not be used against any other country. The Chinese government in response has pledged to continue and expand its cooperation with the Afghan people.

The Chinese side also said they will help to solve problems and assure peace in the Afghanistan.

China takes Afghan government on board

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan (MFA), said in a statement today that the Chinese government has taken it on board regarding the Taliban’s visit.

It added that China has invited the Taliban delegation to express its concerns regarding situation in Afghanistan, presence of foreign terrorists in Taliban’s ranks and files, and its support for peace talks and a political settlement.

“The Chinese government has expressed its deep concerns regarding the Taliban’s recent attacks which cause an increasing number of people to die and displace tens of thousands,” the Afghan foreign ministry said about the Taliban’s visit.

According to the ministry, China has also asked the Afghan militant group to cut its ties with regional and international terrorists.

The foreign ministry also noted that Afghanistan expects Chinese government would play its pivotal role in strengthening regional consensus, imposing international pressures against the Taliban to stop violence, declare ceasefire, and make peace.

In less than a month, Taliban delegations have traveled to at least four countries in the region including Iran, Russia, and Turkmenistan. This comes as the Taliban has intensified their attacks across the country to expand their territorial control.