Taliban war crime

Taliban committed war crime in Faryab, Amnesty International calls for investigation

Reacting to a CNN report showing brutal execution of Afghan Special Forces in the hand of the Taliban militants in Faryab, Amnesty International, today, July 14, stated that the Taliban has committed a blatant act of war crime.  

A statement issued by Amnesty International says the incident is a proof showing the Taliban’s claim that they have changed their approach is completely false.

“This evidence suggests that the Taliban’s persistent claims to have changed their ways are predicated on a lie and completely undermines their claims that they will respect human rights in the peace process. The Afghan authorities should launch an immediate investigation into this reprehensible act in an attempt to bring those responsible to justice, however, should this fail the international community and the International Criminal Court must step in.”

Amnesty International has called on the Afghan government to investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators of this massacre. The organization, however, has stressed that otherwise, the international community and the International Criminal Court must step in.

CNN has released a 45-second-video of the special elite forces killed by the Taliban on June 16 in Dawlatabad district of Faryab province.

The video shows a number of commandos, who have surrendered to the Taliban, are shot.

Afghanistan Ministry of Defense and the Red Cross have confirmed the execution of Afghan commandos in the hands of the militants.  

In response to the CNN report, the Taliban, however, claims that the video is fake.