Taliban attack in Badghis

Security forces repelled Taliban attacks in Badghis

The Afghan security and defense forces have repelled Taliban military campaign on Qala e Naw, the provincial capital of the western Badghis province, local officials confirmed, today, Saturday, July 10.  

Hesamuddin Shams, the governor for Badghis, said the Taliban militants had launched multiple attacks on Friday, July 09, but the Afghan forces repelled the militants after a six-hour-long battle.  

The Taliban militants have surged their attacks on district administrations across the country ever since the US-Taliban peace deal signed last year in Doha.

The Taliban militants use heavy and light weapons against the Afghan forces, according to Mr. Shams.

He said the militants have suffered heavy casualties—according to government report more than 50 Taliban militants were killed or wounded.

On the other hand, two provincial council members, Farid Akhizai and Khanjan Zafar, have joined the Taliban.

The Taliban militants launched their first attack on Qala-i-Naw last Wednesday, July 07. Afghan security forces repelled their attack in the same day killing 69 militants.

Badghis is a volatile province where the Taliban militants control swathes of territories and six administrative units. According to local sources, the city’s security belt is severely shaky.