Government forces repel Taliban attacks in Ghazni

The Afghan security forces backed by People Uprising Forces have pushed back Taliban military campaigns in Jahori and Nawur districts of Ghazni province, local officials told Kabul Now, today, Thursday, July 15.

Tahir Zahedi, the district governor for Nawur, said after hours of gun battle the government forces, backed by People Uprising Forces, pushed back Taliban attacks on Nawur that were carried out through Sai Tabib and Gurg Koshta areas.

A government security force lost his life and two others were wounded in the clashes erupted between the government forces and the insurgents, according to Zahedi.

Another local source told Kabul Now the fighter who has lost his life was a member of People Uprising Force. Three others were wounded, the source added.  

The Taliban insurgents have suffered heavy casualties, Zahedi underlined.

The district governor of Nawur told Kabul Now that the local government had received some ammunition and equipment provided by the central government. He said as many as 105 fighters were newly recruited by the local government.  

On the other hand, Aref Bahonar, the district governor for Jaghori, told Kabul Now the government forces have repelled insurgent’s attacks on security posts in Hotqol and Angori area of Jaghori. The Taliban conducted their attacks on Hotqol and Angori from Gilan district.

No causality is reported on the part of government forces.      

The Taliban have recently intensified its military campaigns in Ghazni. On July 12, the insurgents took control over district building of Malistan, a Hazara-populated district in the southern Ghazni province.

Locals complain that the insurgents have forced civilians to feed them.     

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