army helicopter makes emergency landing in Helmand

Army helicopter destroyed after emergency landing in Helmand

An army helicopter made an emergency landing in Nad Ali district of the southern Helmand province during a military operation last night, Monday, July 26, according to the 215 Maiwand Military Corps.

The corps added that no crew members of the helicopter was harmed and were all transferred immediately from the operation area.

The military corps said in a statement that the air force destroyed the helicopter after the emergency landing which caused by a technical failure.

Initial figures suggest around 30 Taliban militants were killed or wounded during the military operation in Nad Ali, the statement added.

The Taliban, however, has claimed that the group’s militants have shot it down.

Moreover, Zabehullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, claimed that the militants have captured administrative building and police headquarter of the district as well.

The Afghan army has lost a significant number of helicopters in recent years mostly in contested areas or areas under the Taliban control.

An army helicopter crashed in Maidan Wardak province – killing three crew members – and another was partially damaged as a result of Taliban attack in Ghazni province last month.