Three killed and 11 wounded in Herat

Three killed and 11 wounded after gunmen open fire on family in Herat

Two women and a child were killed and 11 others wounded after a group of gunmen opened fire on a family gathering in a garden in Injil district of Herat, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) confirmed.

Ahmad Zia Zia, deputy spokesperson for the ministry, said the incident took place around 10:00 PM last night, June 15, in Naw Badam village of Injil district.

The family went to a garden for picnic and they were attacked by the gunmen while serving dinner, he added.

Women and children are among those wounded who have already been transferred to Herat’s regional hospital.

The motive behind the deadly attack is not clear yet.

Efforts are underway to identify and arrest perpetrators of the incident, the MoI said.

Insecurity and presence of gunmen in Herat districts have become a serious concern for residents of the western province. They have made repeated calls on security officials and raised concerns asking for improvement of security situation in the province.