Pres. Ghani criticizes Int’l community for giving “political prestige” to the Taliban

Pres. Ghani criticizes Int’l community for giving “political prestige” to the Taliban

Delivering speech at a gathering held in the Presidential Palace to commemorate the World Refugee Day, June 20, President Ghani has criticized the international community for giving “political prestige” to the Taliban militants.

He further blamed the Taliban for continuation of war, destruction of public facilities, and targeting civilians on a daily basis.

This comes as the militants have dramatically increased their attacks across the country and has captured more than 40 districts since May 02, beginning of the foreign troops’ withdrawal.

On the other hand, the militant group has shown unwillingness to end the war by walking away from a high level peace conference in Istanbul, Turkey, and slowing the peace talks in Doha, capital of Qatar.

In another meeting held on Saturday, June 19, President Ghani said the Taliban destroy the country at the behest of black networks.

“This illegitimate war imposed by the Taliban must be sanctioned and condemned by the region and international community,” President Ghani was quoted in a statement his office published.

He called on Pakistan and Iran not to hesitate to use their active role in establishing a durable peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Touching on the Afghan refugees, he noted that they are an integral part of the Afghan nation and national capital. Referring to the Constitution, the President stressed that no Afghan citizen can be deprived of the right to be an “Afghan” citizen.

It is our responsibility to create the right conditions for the return of refugees, he said.

Referring to Diaspora’s effective role in development programs, he added the issue of migration could not be addressed without a clear vision and attention to the changes that are taking place.

The Minister of Refugees and Repatriations, the deputy special representative of the UN and the representative of the UNHCR also spoke at the event.

They stressed the need to reduce violence in Afghanistan, and the continuation of UN support for the government in areas of marketing, peace building, and state-building within the framework of the peace development program.