174 hectares of forests burned in Nooristan

174 hectares of forests burned as fire continues to rage in Nooristan

A massive fire has burned around 174 hectares of forests in the eastern Nooristan province since it’s eruption in Nurgram district of the province and still continue to rage through the remaining forests, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) said in a statement on Wednesday, June 16.

The forests that have been burned included jalghoza, oak, and fir trees, the statement detailed.

The massive blaze, erupted as a result of armed conflict between two tribes in Sham valley of the province, is now tearing through the Kurgal valley.

Anwarul Haq Ahadi, acting minister of agriculture, has instructed the relevant authorities at the MAIL and directorate of agriculture in Nooristan to take immediate action to stop the blaze.

All the required equipment must be sent to the area, he has noted.

In response, Abdul Wahab Nasimi, head of agriculture directorate in Nooristan, said the equipment and technical facilities had been already sent to the site and the efforts are underway to stop the blaze.

The intensity of fire is currently high in some areas and lower in others, he added.

According to the local agriculture official, the fire in Nurgram district has been tearing through the forests since four days ago.

Saeed Momand, spokesman for Nooristan governor, however, had told previously that the fire erupted in Sham and Kurgel valleys on June 11.

He stressed at the time that efforts were made to stop the blaze with the help of local residents.

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