Afghan security forces

Violence claims 10 lives of Afghan security forces

As many as eight forces were killed and 14 others wounded after their outpost came under a Taliban attack in Wurduj district of the northeastern Badakhshan province, a local source said.

Ahmad Bashir Samim, the chairperson of Badakhshan Provincial Council, confirmed that the incident took place last night on Saturday, May 01, in Tarang village of Wurduj district.

He said that the dead and wounded forces are all members of the Territorial Army.

The Taliban militants have dynamited a bridge in the same village. The Afghan security forces have pushed them back and the area is under control.

In the meantime, two security forces were killed and four others wounded in Kunduz province, security officials reported.

Abdul Hadi Nazari, the spokesperson for 217 Pamir Corps in Kunduz, said that the Taliban attacked checkpoints jointly controlled by the local police and the army soldiers.

Six Taliban militants were killed and many others wounded in clashes, said Abdul Manaf Nazari, the spokesman for the army brigade in Badakhshan. The Taliban militants were pushed back and the area is under control, he said.

The Taliban, however, claimed their fighters killed eight security forces and wounded 14 others.