Three suspects arrested kidnapping a child in Takhar

Three suspects arrested kidnapping a child in Takhar

Police forces arrested three suspects, including a woman, while kidnapping a three-year old child in the northern Takhar province, a local official confirmed to Kabul Now.

The child was abducted on the first night of Eid al-Fetr, Thursday, May 13, in Sediq Afghan alley of Taloqan, capital city of Takhar province, said Khalil Asir, spokesperson for Takhar Police Chief. He identified the abducted child as Murtaza, adding that the child was now rescued and handed over to his family.

According to the local officials, the abductors kept and momentarily moved the abducted child from one place to another since his abduction.

More investigation is underway in regarding the kidnap incident, he said.

Abduction is a prevalent type of crime committed and reported often in different parts of the country. The level of criminal actions have increased substantially in recent years.

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