Police forces assasinated in Kabul

Three policemen killed in Ghor and Herat provinces

Three policemen, including two police chiefs, lost their lives to the recent Taliban violence in the western provinces of Ghor and Herat, according local officials.

Two policemen, including Hamidullah Hassanzada, police chief at PD2 in Firuz Kuh, were killed and three others wounded after a roadside bomb went off, a local source said.

Aref Karimi, the spokesperson for governor of Ghor, said the incident took place today on May 18, around 9:00 AM, in Kandiwal village of Firuz Kuh city.

The bomb went off while the security forces were busy fighting the Taliban militants who were making a check point.

This is while Firuz Ahmad, the district police chief in Torghundi, was killed in a separate attack launched by the Taliban on Monday, May 17.

Abdul Ahad Walizada, the spokesperson for Herat police, said the incident took place on Herat-Torghundi highway, as the result of which four Taliban militants were also killed.

The Taliban have not yet commented on the incidents.

A surge in violence has intensified in the western Herat and Ghor provinces where the Taliban militants actively operate in parts of the provinces.