Former and incumbent officials

Former and incumbent officials charged with embezzlement

The Anti-Corruption Justice Center (ACJC), a center in charge of handling large-scale corruption cases, has officially charged Mohammad Homayoun Qayyumi, former acting finance minister, Shad Mohammad Sargand, an adviser to the President, and Afghanistan Ambassador to the United States Roya Rahmani with embezzlement.

The aforementioned people have been identified as involved in embezzling a total of USD 719,220 to build a 70-meter wall for the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington, the indictment sent by the prosecutor of the ACJC to its primary court reads.

According to the indictment, six companies have tendered for building up the embassy’s wall with the CITADEL company offered the lowest price of USD 860,000 and the CLARK company offered the highest rate of USD 5,660,000.

As per the prosecutor’s indictment, the contract has been awarded to KOCON company which has offered a total of USD 1,634,000 to build up the wall – suggesting a USD 719,220 difference. Moreover, the real length of the wall is 22.86 meters, not 70 meters written in the tender.

The costly wall-construction of the country’s embassy in Washington was disclosed to the media in July 2020 and provoked nationwide criticisms.

The Embassy, however, had rejected embezzlements in building up the wall.