Four people arrested over corruption charges in Turghandi

Four people arrested over corruption charges in Turghandi Port

Four people were arrested on charges of corruption in Turghandi Port of the western Herat province, a local official told Kabul Now.

The source, who talked on condition of anonymity, said the anti-corruption police forces of the Ministry of Interior arrested them yesterday, Wednesday, February 17.

Sayed Wahid Qatali, Herat governor, also confirmed the news.

In recent months a number of people including government workers were caught over charges of corruption in different parts of the country, particularly in ports and customs offices.

On Tuesday, February 16, five people were caught red-handed while taking bribes in Kabul Customs Department.

On Sunday, February 14, eight officials of Nangarhar Customs Department, including the head of the department, were caught on charges of corruption.

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