Baraki blast killed four

Baraki blast killed four

An explosion killed four people, including three policemen and child labor, and wounded five others that include a mother and her two kids, in PD4 of Kabul city, a security official told the press, on Monday, February, 22.

Ferdaws Faramarz, the spokesperson for Kabul police, said that the incident took place on Sunday afternoon around 04:22 in the Baraki area of PD4.

A magnetic bomb targeted a police Ranger vehicle, according to Mr. Faramarz.

Early yesterday evening, a picture circulated on social media showed two desperate young kids standing by a fallen mother somewhere in Kabul.

The scene of a fallen mother with two terrified children on her side drew sympathetic attention with some launching a hashtag campaign “#MomWakeup.”

No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Afghan ministry of interior blamed the Taliban for the attack. “The Taliban must pay the price for their crimes,” Tariq Arian, spokesperson for MoI, said in a tweet.

A surge in targeted violence has intensified ever since the US-Taliban peace pact signed last on February 2020, in Doha, Qatar.

On February 20, five people were killed and two others wounded in multiple blasts rocked the capital Kabul.