Zaki Daryabi and Etilaat Roz win Anti-Corruption Award for 2020

Zaki Daryabi named as winner of Transparency International’s Anti-Corruption Award for 2020

Zaki Daryabi, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Daily Etilaat Roz, won Transparency International’s Anti-Corruption Award for 2020. Recipients of the Award were announced in the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference 2020 currently underway in Busan, South Korea.

In 2012, Mr. Daryabi founded the Daily Etilaat Roz in Kabul. Ever since, the Daily Etilaat Roz has been working under a difficult situation in Afghanistan. It has published dozens of investigative reports which revealed government corruption.

On November 19, Transparency International shortlisted Zaki Daryabi and his newspaper, Etilaat Roz, for the Anti-Corruption Award 2020. Transparency International’s Anti-Corruption Award is an award which is given to journalists, activists or organizations to recognize their courage and determination in the fight against corruption.

Ana Gomez, ambassador and former MEP of Portugal, Dolortuya Chuluunbaatar, a journalist from Mongolia, and Botakoz Kopbayeva, the ex-vice rector for financial and economic affairs of Kazakh National Conservatory, were three other individuals who were named for Anti-Corruption Award 2020 by Transparency International.

“Despite the extremely critical situation for independent journalists and free speech in Afghanistan, Zaki Daryabi and his newspaper Etilaat Roz have a prominent role in challenging government corruption. Operating on a financial shoestring, Etilaat Roz provides hope and sends a clear message of courage, dedication and determination in the struggle to investigate, expose and challenge corruption in Afghanistan,” wrote International Transparency upon nomination of Mr. Daryabi.

Transparency International has said that as many as 228 individuals were shortlisted for Anti-Corruption Award in 2020.

Botakoz Kopbayeva, Kazakh whistleblower, was also named as winner for this year’s Anti-Corruption Award.

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