Thousands of families flee their homes as fighting is underway in Helmand
The attack in Helmand comes as a peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban is underway in Doha, Qatar, to end bloodshed in the country

Thousands of families flee their homes as fighting is underway in Helmand  

Cleansing operations conducted by the Afghan commandos are underway in 601 Highway, Nad Ali district and the Babaji area in of Lashkargah, local officials said on Tuesday, October 13.  The Afghan commandos launched operations in the southern Helmand province after the Taliban militants attacked on security forces in the province.

The US forces went to back the Afghan commandos and launched air strike to target Taliban fighters who had attacked government forces in the area.

On Monday, Colonel Sonny Leggett, spokesman for the US military in Afghanistan, wrote on Twitter that US strikes in Helmand did not violate a US-Taliban agreement signed in February.

On Tuesday, Ross Wilson, US Chargé d’Affaires, wrote on Twitter that the current level of violence was not consistent with the US-Taliban peace deal.

“I strongly second Gen. Miller’s call for the Taliban to stop its offensive in Helmand and reduce its violence around the country. This violence, which is not consistent with the US-Taliban agreement, leads only to unacceptable loss of life and destruction,” wrote Ross.

A surge in Taliban attacks comes despite a government-led peace delegation and Taliban negotiators are holding talks in Doha, Qatar.

The fresh surge in violence has forced 5,100 families to flee their homes and villages. Helmand directorate of refugee and repatriation confirmed that the ongoing violence has displaced 5,100 families in Helmand. The displaced families are in dire need of shelter and food.