Kabul court sentences four to death for kidnap, murder

Kabul court sentences four to death for kidnap, murder

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, October 06, Jamshid Rasooli, spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), said that a primary court has sentenced four criminals, including a woman, to death for abductions that led to the death of abductees.

According to the AGO spokesperson, the death sentences were issued on Sunday, October 04, and the culprits were members of a seven-membered criminal network. He identified the seven members as Ahmadullah, Shazia, Batur, Muhibullah, Sherbaz, Sharifullah, and Delawar who were all charged with kidnapping and murdering four people named Ghazi, Nazir, Shafiqullah, and Hassan Khan.

Of the seven abductors, five are residents of Paktia province, one is from Khost, and the other one is a resident of Parwan province. Inter alia, Batur and Muhibullah are identified as son of two local officials in Paktia province.

Batur, Ahmadullah, Shazia, and Muhibullah, who were sentenced to death, are identified as main perpetrators of the murder while the remaining three – Delawar, Sharifullah, and Sherbaz – have been found being involved in the criminal act.

Though Sherbaz, Delawar, and Sharifullah were acquitted by the primary court for lack of required evidence regarding the kidnap and murder case, Sherbaz was sentenced to imprisonment for two years for committing sodomy with his fellow criminal, Ahmadullah.