Taliban surveilance drone

Faryab governor: foreign terrorists equipped with drones fight for Taliban

Foreign terrorists, including members of the Islamic State Khurasan Province, are equipped with surveillance drones and fight for the Taliban in Faryab province, claims Naqibullah Fayeq, governor of the northern province.

Talking to Kabul Now, Fayeq said today, Tuesday, October 27, that some Uzbek citizens have used surveillance drones in recent Taliban offensives on Khwaja Sabzposh and Qaisar district of Faryab province. He added that the drones are capable to flight long range distances and can take footages of their targets during the night.

According to Faryab governor, around 200 Uzbek militants are currently stationed along with their families in Pashtunkot, Almar, Qaysar, and Ghormach districts. He added that other foreign terrorists who speak Arabic, Turkish, Tajiki, and Kazakh are also seen fighting with the Taliban militants.

Fayeq further went on to specifically mention foreign fighters belonging to Katiba al-Bukhari, a group led by Juma Bi, who is an Uzbek citizen, as the most active foreign members of the Taliban. He also noted that the foreign militants used long range precision rifles in the battle against Afghan defense and security forces.

Moreover, Abdul Karim Yourish, spokesperson for Faryab police chief, told Kabul Now that the Taliban militants have recently attacked security outposts in Gurziwan, Qaysar, and Dawlatabad districts.

He added that seven militants, including two Taliban commanders, were killed and eight others were wounded in the battle against security forces.

The local official confirmed that one security force was wounded in clashes against the militants.

Situated in northern Afghanistan, Faryab is a restive province where the Taliban militants are operating in some parts of the province.