Herat businesses shutter down as coronavirus cases continue to climb

As number of coronavirus cases continue to climb, Herat manufacturers say their businesses are facing a tough time, with some of them have shuttered down their factories.

Herat’s manufacturing factories are dependent on raw materials imported from neighboring Iran and China but as the two countries have been hit by outbreak of coronavirus, import of raw materials are halt for the last couple of weeks.      

Herat Chamber of Commerce and Industries told Kabul Now that Iran has suspended export of goods to Afghanistan as the country is facing an emergency period over outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Hamidullah Khadim, head of Herat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, said that Iran has stopped exporting raw materials, including alcohol, to Afghanistan.

He noted that as many as 32 factories—producing detergents, toilet papers, and disinfectants—will shutter down if Iran and China do not export raw martials to Afghanistan.   

Zalmai Saeedi, a merchant in Herat, tells Kabul Now that over the last ten days, his factory has remained closed.

Local authorities in Herat are working to find a solution but it seems difficult as corona pandemic moves to threaten not only businesses but human lives worldwide.   

Afghanistan is a country that is dependent on food and other products exported from neighboring Iran and Pakistan. Food prices have jumped high ever since Iran and Pakistan have limited business with the country as a result of corona outbreak.             

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