Taliban shot dead ex-Afghan soldier in Balkh

The Taliban militants have shot dead a former member of Afghan security forces in Chamtal Markazi village of Chamtal district of the northern Balkh province, according to a local source.

Sayed Reza, a close relative of the victim, told Kabul Now that the Taliban took Sayed Abbas Hussaini from his home and hours later shot him dead.

Hassan Shekib, a neighbor of the victim, also confirmed to Kabul Now that Sayed Abbas used to serve public order police forces but most recently he was working as a driver in Mazar, capital city of Balkh province. He further stated that Mr. Hussaini was abducted by the Taliban last night, February 23, upon his return to home while taking preparation for birthday party of his newly born baby.

Local security officials in Balkh province refused to comment on the incident due to the newly imposed restriction by the Ministry of Interior. The governor spokesperson, however, said that he has not received any report regarding the incident.

Sources at the Ministry of Interior confirmed that Mr. Hussaini was abducted and then shot dead by the Taliban in Chamtal district of Balkh. According to the source, he had worked as a member of Afghan public order police but left his duty one year ago.

The incident comes in the third day of a seven-day partial truce, officially agreed as “reduction in violence” between the warring parties. The Taliban have reportedly commit violations of the agreement in several cases during the first three days.

In another new case, the militants have kidnapped district governor of Dara Sof Balla district of the northern Samangan province around 10:30 am this morning along with two other local government employees, according to Mohammad Sediq Azizi, spokesperson for Samangan governor.

The Taliban have not commented regarding the incidents.