Men taking an injured person to a hospital after a bomb blast at a mosque in Jalalabad

Blast killed 62 and wounded dozens in Nangarhar

As many as 62 people were killed and dozens wounded by a suicide bombing during Friday prayers at a mosque in eastern Nangarhar province, local officials said.

The eastern Nangarhar province is often disrupted by deadly attacks but attack on mosque has been quiet rare in this province.

The attack came while the Taliban have been signaling to resume peace talks with the US. In a statement the group rejected responsibility for the attack and so far no one has claimed responsibility for this deadly attack.       

Attaullah Khogyani, the spokesperson for Nangarhar governor confirmed 62 people killed and 36 more wounded in Friday prayer at mosque in Haska Mina district in Jalalabad.

A report by US published on Thursday suggests the 41 percent of the victims killed during nine months of 2019 were children and women.  According to the UN, 1,174 civilians were killed between July and September of 2019.  

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