Afghan forces reclaim key district in Baghlan, Kill 62 Taliban militants in Herat

Afghan special operation forces have reclaimed Dahana-e-Ghori district of the northern Baghlan province on Wednesday night, October 23, according to a statement issued by the Afghan special operations corps.

The district was under the Taliban control for the past three years.

The statement, however, did not provide details on casualties of the two sides as the result of the operations.

Afghan defense and security forces launched a massive and lasting operation on October 16 aimed at clearing the whole province from the presence of the Taliban militants.

In a separate statement issued by the Ministry of Defense yesterday, October 23, the ministry said dozens of the Taliban militants, including some senior commanders of the group, have been killed and over 70 militants arrested since the launch of the operation.

Situated in the northeastern of the country, Baghlan is a restive province where the Taliban had launched an extensive operation from several directions on Pul-e-Khumri, capital of the province, around 45 days ago.

On the other hand, Jilani Farhad, spokesperson for governor of the western Herat province, told Kabul Now that 62 Taliban militants were killed in Chesht-e-Sharif district of the province.

According to him, 15 Taliban militants were injured in the operation.

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