Roadside bomb hits convoy of foreign forces in Parwan

A roadside bomb hit convoy of foreign forces in Bagram district of the northern Parwan province on Wednesday night, said Abdul Saleem Noori, spokesperson for police chief of Parwan province.

Noori said the convoy was hit by a remote-controlled bomb when they were patrolling alongside Afghan security forces in the area.

Without providing details whether foreign forces suffered casualties or not, the local official assured that civilians and Afghan forces were not harmed in the attack.

He added that the area was currently cordoned off by foreign forces.

Meanwhile, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that eight US soldiers were killed and four other wounded in the attack.

The NATO’s Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan has not commented on incident so far.

Parwan is located in the north side of Kabul where a large US military base is stationed in and the Taliban militants are present in some parts of the province.

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