Ghani: peace cannot be ensured without ceasefire

On the occasion of International Day of Peace, September 21, President Ghani in a video speech said that the peace could be ensured only after a ceasefire is in place.  

Ghani also noted that all reliable Muslim clerics have publically declared the current war in Afghanistan haram, an act that is forbidden under Islamic rule and regulation.

“Those who do not accept peace and ceasefire are responsible for bloodshed and murders,” he said.  

Ghani, however, stated that Afghanistan was closer to peace more than ever. He added that the National Unity Government (NUG) have brought the issue of peace to main focus and made it a real issue of importance.

He further went on to notify that elections and political participation were the only solution to end the 40-year-long conflict in the country.

Ghani’s remark comes nearly a day after US President Donald Trump described Taliban’s unwillingness as major cause behind collapse of US-Taliban peace talks.  

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