Ghani and Abdullah are pushing elections into crisis, says former NDS chief

Former National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief Rahmatullah Nabil, who is running for 2019 presidential elections, said that President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah were attempting to push the presidential election into crisis.

“These two elders (Ghani and Abdullah) are trying to push the 2019 presidential election into crisis for the people of Afghanistan,” Nabil said, addressing a crowd of supporters. He noted that the two NUG leaders want to push this year’s elections down into ethnic, local, and lingual disputes as they did in the disputed 2014 presidential election.

Nabil asked both NUG leaders to change the upcoming presidential polls into an opportunity.

Pointing to recent remarks made by Mawlana Abdullah, a commissioner of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), he further went on to accuse Ghani and Abdullah of interfering in the election affairs.

Some people—who were illegally hired— are working in high positions in the secretariat of the IEC, said the IEC commissioner in a press conference held on Tuesday, September 17.

“Some staffs who are paid AFN 18,000 salary per month have more authority than the seven [IEC] commissioners,” he said, complaining that they can easily delete as much data as they want to remove from data center of the IEC.

The Presidential Palace, however, rejected any kind of interference in the affairs of the elections commissions.

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