US denies indication of refugees from Afghanistan engaging in extremism in Pakistan

The US government has said that there is no indication that refugees from Afghanistan in Pakistan or along its border have engaged in acts of extremism.

The statement by John Kirby, the White House National Security Council, came after days of Pakistani military and political leaders expressing concerns about the Pakistani Taliban and other militants’ activities in Afghanistan.

“We’ve seen no indication that Afghan refugees in Pakistan or along that border are guilty of acts of terrorism,” Kirby told reporters on Monday.

“We’ll continue to work with Pakistan as we have on their legitimate terrorism threats,” Kirby said.

The Pakistan army has said that it has “serious concerns” about the safe havens that militants have in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has denied past accusations that it allows militant groups to launch attacks on Pakistan from its territory.

The White House statement comes amid a recent upsurge in violence in Pakistan.

In the past week, nine soldiers have been killed in attacks in Balochistan province, which borders Afghanistan and Iran.